FREE Pelvic Pain & Health Workshop

FREE Pelvic Pain & Health Workshop

Attention Pelvic Pain and Incontinence sufferers!

“New Pelvic Health workshop reveals how to get back to normal without medications or surgery…”

Go to the Pelvic Health workshop to learn…

1. What habits to avoid to help incontinence

2. The #1 biggest mistake people with pelvic pain and incontinence make

3. The leading causes of pelvic pain and incontinence

4. What successful treatment looks like without medication or surgery

Who is the workshop for?

The pelvic health workshop is for people suffering from pelvic pain, incontinence, erectile dysfunction, and other pelvic health issues who wish to get back to normal naturally.

Call 910-215-0541 to Register, or Use the Link Below! 

Do you have pelvic pain or incontinence when..

1. You cough or sneeze?

2. You are exercising or exerting yourself?

3. During intimacy?

4. Pain when doing everyday chores?

5. Have these problems happened after childbirth?

Please join Dr. Teri Walsh as she gives an overview of pelvic floor anatomy, function, and the role it plays in strength, continence, and common pain syndromes. She may answer questions or concerns you’ve been too afraid to ask about and educate about how physical therapy can play many roles in complete patient care.

If​ you​ do​ AND​ you’re​ looking​ for​ Natural,​ Non-Invasive​ Treatment,​ then​ Save​ Your​ Spot​ for​ the Pelvic Health​ Workshop​ by​ filling​ in​ your​ name​ and​ information.

***Because​ ​of​ space​ limitations,​ the​ Pelvic Health Workshop​ is​ limited​ to​ the​ first​ 20 Registrants…

Date: Feb 26 2020 Time: 6:00 PM Address: Appalachian Physical Therapy - Pinehurst Office
211 Central Park Ave #L
Pinehurst, NC 28374