Hip Seminar – Broadway

Hip Seminar - Broadway

Attention Hip Pain Sufferers! Free Hip Pain Workshop! 

“New Hip Pain Workshop Reveals How to Get back to Normal Without Medications, Injections and Surgery…”

Wednesday, February 24
6:30 PM
171 E. Springbrook Road
Broadway, VA 22815

Go to the Hip Pain Workshop and Learn:

The single worst Position to Sleep in that causes BIG Problems in the Hip.

The “1 BIGGEST Mistake People with Hip Pain Make which can lead to Hip Surgery.

The Common Causes of Hip Pain….

The Top 3 Exercises for Hip Pain….


Who is The Workshop For?

The Hip Pain Workshop is for people suffering with hip pain who are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without medications, injections or surgery.

Do you have hip pain when you:

-Stand up?

-Roll over in bed?

-Putting on your shoes/socks?

-Walking on level/unlevel surfaces?

-Getting in and out of your vehicle?

-Crossing your legs?

-Going up or down stairs?

-Running or playing with your children/grandchildren?

-Sitting or lying down?

If​ you​ do​ AND​ you’re​ looking​ for​ Natural,​ Non-Invasive​ Treatment,​ then​ Save​ Your​ Spot​ for​ the Hip Pain Workshop​ by​ filling​ in​ your​ name​ and​ information.

***Because​ ​of​ space​ limitations,​ the​ Hip Pain​ Workshop​ is​ limited​ to​ the​ first​ 20 Registrants…

Register Now! 


What Do Others Have To Say About The Hip Pain Workshop?

When I first came to Appalachian Physical Therapy after my hip replacement, I was stiff and it hurt to walk or even move.  Here at APT, I continued to improve each week and am so much better!  No walker or cane or such anymore and walking with little or no pain.  Thank you Bill Whiteford and staff!

-Rebecca Myers


I was in a lot of pain in the beginning but now I’ve found relief from the pain.  He’s done wonders for my pain and he has been very patient with me.  When in pain, this is the place.  Bill is the BEST!

-Thelma Mitchell


I had a lot of hip and low back pain when I came in for physical therapy.  When I finished with Appalachian Physical Therapy, I had hardly no hip pain and it helped my hip and back a whole lot!

-Roy Wegman


Date: Feb 24 2021 Time: 6:30 PM Address: 171 E. Springbrook Road
Broadway, VA 22815