Treating Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

pelvic-floor-courseI just came back from another course!  This one was on going deeper into pelvic problems – literally.  I was trained in internal evaluation and treatment techniques for the pelvis for men and women.  Now don’t get all freaked out and think that now I am going to want to do an internal examination on everyone!  Not so.  My belief that everyone does not need an internal exam was only reinforced at this course.  There are LOTS of interventions that can be done to address pelvic issues from an EXTERNAL perspective, and these should be used first.  This is comparable to seeking conservative interventions before considering surgery and drugs.  But when someone isn’t demonstrating or sustaining improvement, then we have the ability to offer this service instead of referring people out of the area as we’ve done in the past.  There are some extremely important and influential muscles and fascia that just cannot be reached externally.  To not assess and address them may mean the difference between successful resolution of a pelvic problem or ongoing problems.

What do I mean by pelvic problems?  There is a long list, but here’s a few:  back pain, bladder/kidney issues of any sort including urinary incontinence, digestive issues, pain and dysfunction involving any of the genitals and reproductive organs, hip problems, knee pain, balance and gait deficits – get the idea?  The pelvis is an extremely important area, and problems here can really be debilitating and life changing.  And they can affect people of all ages – children to the elderly.

We are working on some more educational materials to share on this topic, and also continuing work on our updated website.  Please visit our website at to see what information we have available or feel free to contact us by phone for a consultation.

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