Therapists Complete Fascial Manipulation®

Staff Attend Lecture

Staff Attend LectureOn August 23, 2015 all physical therapists at Appalachian Physical Therapy completed training in the Fascial Manipulation® approach to evaluating and treating neuromusculoskeletal injuries. This 12 day course series was aimed at providing us with new insight into the human fascial (connective tissue) system, its vital role in governing human movement, and its contribution to pain and other neuromusculoskeletal symptoms. With an improved understanding of human fascia, we are better able to understand how pain and dysfunction in one region can arise from regions remote to the area of complaint.  With this training we are better equipped to more rapidly and effectively treat pain and other symptoms associated with connective tissue dysfunction. A brief synopsis on how fascia can contribute to dysfunction in your body is presented below.

Fascia is a connective tissue present throughout the human body from head to toe that comes into contact with nearly every tissue of the human body. Research has shown that alterations in this connective tissue can result in decreased strength, pain, vertigo-like symptoms, and decreased balance/proprioception (understanding of one’s position in space).  In addition, this has been shown to have an effect on visceral pain, causing gastrointestinal disturbances, through fascia’s connection to our internal organs. Fascial Manipulation® can therefore be a powerful and effective treatment tool in addressing a wide variety of symptoms in a non-invasive manner. Changes in symptoms may even be apparent after a single treatment session. To learn more about how Fascial Manipulation® can help alleviate your symptoms contact one of our offices for a consultation or to schedule an appointment.