Karen Kaplan

Once again, Karen has helped me heal.  This time the pain and stiffness were in my neck and shoulders, most likely from too much weed-pulling.  The exercises and point-on therapy definitely helped, as always.

I appreciate the opportunity to post this thank you for others to see.  She helped me through my recovery of a still undetermined autoimmune disease five years ago.  After being mostly bedridden because of pain and little energy for over a year, a doctor in Florida put me on a medication that worked.  By then, my muscles were so weak, I could barely walk.  This is when Karen brought my body back to life.  Literally.

Karen inspired me to continue the Oh-So-Fun exercises at home as well, even though I always complained whenever she adds more to my list.  I am 72 years old and because of Karen Backall, I am now able to do more physical activity than when I was 62!  Paddleboard, walk 5 miles without tiring, tug the bottom sheet over our mattress on the bed all by myself!  Amazing!Through her uplifting, persistence and support, (for example: “Kare”, show me the right way to get up from the floor…Good girl!) her incredible knowledge of the human body, (for example: Here…Look at this skeleton and you can see how these muscles connect to those muscles) she knows the names of all the muscles, bones, etc…, as well as how they support one another.

Thank you once again, Karen, for being there for me through thick and thin.  With deepest appreciation.