Ashlee K.

I have struggled with a “frozen shoulder” for 16 months. I had PT at another location 12 months ago and went about 4 times with no help. That PT place spent about an actual 10 minutes with me and charged $$$.

I went to a seminar and started sessions with Dr. Cole two weeks ago. He spent about 75 minutes with me discussing and evaluating me. I ended up getting some dry needling and found a little relief.

I came home and did my home exercises fairly regularly. I went back yesterday for my second appointment. Dr. Cole spent about an hour with me. He again dry needled another area and then applied pressure to my shoulder, upper arm and forearm.

When I got home I showered and ended up reaching behind my back to secure my bra down. I have realized I reached around fairly easily…so I successfully latched and unlatched my undergarments twice. I haven’t been able to do that in 16 months

Feeling so amazed by more movement in 2 sessions! Praise the Lord!!! I am a believer!