Patient Testimonials

  • I came to Appalachian Physical Therapy due to a pulled muscle with pain in my low back.  Dr. Whiteford did an assessment and easily identified my injury.  After the first session including laser therapy I noticed a decrease in my pain.  After three weeks I am now pain free!  I am grateful for the therapy I received.  The staff was very professional and courteous.  I will definitely recommend their services.  Thank you very much!

    Ben Chupp

  • I am again grateful for APT keeping me from going under the knife. 4 years ago, almost to the day, I developed another ruptured disc. I will admit, surgery hadn’t risen to the level of last resort/mandatory and I credit APT for that. I so appreciate their cause and effect approach to my condition. So often, it seems modern medicine treats the effect without considering the cause. To date, my symptoms have cleared up. I will credit medicine for initial pain control but APT gets the credit for long term relief. My recent MRI showed my disc rupture from 4 years ago is completely healed.

    Tony Wilt

  • I was referred to Appalachian Physical Therapy a few months ago for both low back pain and limited motion as well as rotator cuff injury. The shoulders were painful at times and limited in motion. Golf was impossible due to both back and shoulder pain. Ray did a thorough evaluation and we began on a methodical approach to in office and at home program of physical therapy. I can truly say I enjoyed every visit for therapy and felt well cared for by Ray and his staff. As a result I have much less discomfort and increased mobility and now have started golf again. Very blessed and pleased.

    J. Boyd

  • Looking back it has been two months since my PT started at Appalachian Physical Therapy. I had upper and lower back pain that was causing problems with my daily activities and sleep. Dr. Dave in the Strasburg office and staff have been wonderful to work with. Dr. Dave did fascial manipulation, dry needling and provided an array of exercises and stretches to strengthen my muscles and relieve pain. From my first day in October, I had a 7/10 pain. Today when I graduated, my pain is a 0/10. Very thankful for the staff and Dr. Dave for taking care of me.

    Alesia Hovatter

  • I came to Appalachian Physical therapy in July for a strained Achilles tendon. Linden did an excellent job handling my rehab and recovery. She is very professional and motivated me during my office sessions as well as my in-home exercises. Well Done Linden!!

    Dominick Palamara

  • I am glad I came to Appalachian Physical Therapy. The staff was great! My leg pain at night has significantly improved. Sharp pain in legs is much better also. No medication involved is great. Colleen was my physical therapist. She couldn’t have been better. Thanks to everyone for helping me feel better.

    Judy Raines

  • When I came in with arthritis in my ankle, I could not walk without pain in every step. After just a few visits, I have no pain and no limp. It is amazing what the physical therapist can do for patients here. Thank you Bryan for all your help in making my problems manageable and much better.

    Johnny Raines

  • Before therapy, I couldn’t even bear weight on my ankle, let alone walk or function.  After working with Dave (and Dan) I am back to a normal life.  I can walk, go up and down stairs and finally drive!  The routines and exercises they had me do (both in the clinic and at home) were very helpful and I could feel myself getting stronger.  Thank you both for all that you have done and for helping me get my life back!

    Ginger Emswiler

  • I am extremely pleased with the PT I got for my shoulder.  I can use it now without pain.  I am also pleased with the staff at Appalachian Physical Therapy.  They are so friendly and nice.  Colleen has always been able to help with any problems that arise.  I highly recommend this practice.  

    June Shirkey

  • I couldn’t walk hardly at all without sitting down and resting every 50 feet.  I could not rotate my body at all without grimacing with pain.  After surgery and therapy at Appalachian Physical Therapy, I feel like my old self and even better again.  No more pain and now have ease of maneuverability.  These folks put you through an excellent exercise program.  I’m a full proof example.  I would recommend these therapist to anybody.

    Delmas Hinkle

  • Once again, Karen has helped me heal.  This time the pain and stiffness were in my neck and shoulders, most likely from too much weed-pulling.  The exercises and point-on therapy definitely helped, as always.

    I appreciate the opportunity to post this thank you for others to see.  She helped me through my recovery of a still undetermined autoimmune disease five years ago.  After being mostly bedridden because of pain and little energy for over a year, a doctor in Florida put me on a medication that worked.  By then, my muscles were so weak, I could barely walk.  This is when Karen brought my body back to life.  Literally.

    Karen inspired me to continue the Oh-So-Fun exercises at home as well, even though I always complained whenever she adds more to my list.  I am 72 years old and because of Karen Backall, I am now able to do more physical activity than when I was 62!  Paddleboard, walk 5 miles without tiring, tug the bottom sheet over our mattress on the bed all by myself!  Amazing!Through her uplifting, persistence and support, (for example: “Kare”, show me the right way to get up from the floor…Good girl!) her incredible knowledge of the human body, (for example: Here…Look at this skeleton and you can see how these muscles connect to those muscles) she knows the names of all the muscles, bones, etc…, as well as how they support one another.

    Thank you once again, Karen, for being there for me through thick and thin.  With deepest appreciation.

    Karen Kaplan

  • I’m so glad that I chose Ray to restore my mobility and strength of my shoulder following surgery to correct a total separation. I’m confident that his personalized program and instructions will keep me moving freely for years to come.

    Garrett M.

  • When I started physical therapy for my knee, it was painful and I had difficulty walking, climbing stairs, etc. Karen gave me exercises to strengthen my knee and used her “magic fingers” to release my pain. My knee is much stronger and less painful and activities of daily living are much easier, thank to Karen.

    Mary B.

  • Karen Backall has healed me from extreme neck, back, and knee pain, as well as vertigo and torn muscles, enabling me to avoid surgery and return to full function through her encouragement, demanding yet carefully tailored unique toolbox of treatments. I strongly recommend her and the entire office of professionals for healing from injuries or surgery – their work is absolutely the tops in the profession!

    John V.

  • Thanks to my treatment at Appalachian Physical Therapy with Ray Metzger, I have gone from severely debilitated to being able to resume almost all of my activities. I can’t sing their praises enough.

    Emily W.

  • On two different occasions I came to Teri, barely able to walk. Thanks to her hard work and expertise and incredible care, I was able to climb the Acropolis and explore numerous archeological sites in Greece and Rome. Thanks to my dear Teri, I can now again do all the things I love.

    Rosemary C.

  • I came in feeling really helpless about what would help me, but Teri was so knowledgeable about my situation and made me feel hopeful. Today at discharge I have been symptom free for about 3 to 4 weeks. It has been amazing to gain confidence back in my body again. Grateful for Teri and all she has done and taught me these last few weeks as well as the Appalachian family/ team for making me feel comfortable every time I came in.

    Tiffani R.

  • Moving to our new home took a toll on my shoulders and knee. Jonathan analyzed my needs and has a real gift at pin-pointing the areas needing work. His dry needling technique also helped me increase mobility and decrease pain as well. I truly appreciate all the help I received!

    Irene T.

  • Thank you so much Jonathan for helping me avoid surgery on my shoulder. Thank you -thank you- thank you!

    Susan G.

  • Through a series of manipulations, exercises, and dry needling, Jonathan addressed the pain from my hip to my toes. His understanding of the pain was not only emotionally validating, he methodically traced the causes and week by week worked with me to increase my strength  and mobility and lessen the pain. Since most of my sessions were during the Covid 19 pandemic, Jonathan and the other therapists, and all the staff, made sure the whole area was kept extremely sanitized and safe.

    Reglyn R.

  • My therapist, Linden Daiss, examined me and began a regiment of stretching, home exercises and various manipulations of my neck and shoulder. I went from a pain level of of 9 on a scale of 10 down to a 0 because of her treatment and excellent diagnosis skills. I am very glad and thankful to have found such a caring group, especially my therapist, Dr. Linden Daiss.

    Jeffery P.

  • For the last three months my Physical Therapist, Linden Daiss provided physical therapy for my reverse total shoulder replacement. Linden provided the appropriate therapy, along with the encouragement and support to regain the functionality of my shoulder. My most sincere appreciation to Linden for my recovery.

    Doug T.

  • I had a dislocated knee cap and was on crutches.  After my first couple of visits, I started to feel better.  It feel a lot better now than before I started coming.  I have enjoyed coming here for my treatment because the staff is very kind and educated.  They helped me understand my knees better.  I healed a lot quicker than I thought I would.  Coming here for therapy was a great choice.

    Isabelle B.

  • Choosing to get treatment at Appalachian Physical Therapy was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I was referred here by friends and I am so grateful.  When I first came, my pain was intense and I was having so much trouble just doing ordinary, routine, everyday chores.  Dr. Whiteford and his staff have worked miracles for me.  I am 100% better now than when I first started therapy.  I have been treated with such caring and kindness and I will always be grateful that God allowed me to encounter these wonderful people!

    Carolyn S.

  • I have struggled with a “frozen shoulder” for 16 months. I had PT at another location 12 months ago and went about 4 times with no help. That PT place spent about an actual 10 minutes with me and charged $$$.

    I went to a seminar and started sessions with Dr. Cole two weeks ago. He spent about 75 minutes with me discussing and evaluating me. I ended up getting some dry needling and found a little relief.

    I came home and did my home exercises fairly regularly. I went back yesterday for my second appointment. Dr. Cole spent about an hour with me. He again dry needled another area and then applied pressure to my shoulder, upper arm and forearm.

    When I got home I showered and ended up reaching behind my back to secure my bra down. I have realized I reached around fairly easily…so I successfully latched and unlatched my undergarments twice. I haven’t been able to do that in 16 months

    Feeling so amazed by more movement in 2 sessions! Praise the Lord!!! I am a believer!

    Ashlee K.

  • I was having pain in the arches of my feet. My mother told me about Appalachian Physical Therapy. She wanted me to come here so they could assist me with my problem. Dr. Jon helped me and taught me the proper techniques and now I have zero pain. It wasn’t just him that helped me feel better; everyone here played a role in that. When I walked through the door I was greeted with a smiling face. The other therapists also talked with me which made me feel good and helped me pass the time by. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking physical therapy.

    Javon J.

  • After an auto accident that totaled my car, I was plagued with daily headaches, L hand pain and decreased grip and strength. A month of therapy brought much welcomed relief to the pain! I did not suffer with a headache after the first visit! My range of motion in my neck has improved tremendously. By the last week of therapy, my hand is nearly painfree and my grip strength is almost normal. I am thankful for the benefits of physical therapy, it is nothing short of a miracle!

    Orpha Peachey

  • Had shoulder pain right side, attended free shoulder seminar and signed up for PT. Did 6 treatments and I feel major improvement in pain. I also notice better range of motion. Experienced dry needling which really made a difference. I have been totally impressed with Appalachian Physical Therapy. Great people and a welcoming environment.

    Dan Pickett

  • I suffered from a broken hip and had to have therapy. My family doctor referred me to Appalachian Physical Therapy. Since that time I have been referred to physical therapy for my shoulder and knee replacements on both knees. There was never a question for me as to where I would go for physical therapy. I had seen Karen, Ray and Jon and they are absolutely professional. They helped me meet my goals. By having exercises at home and at the facility, I am able to resume my normal daily activities. I am thankful for the people who work at Appalachian Physical Therapy.

    Helen Barker

  • This is the second time Colleen has helped me “get back on my feet”. She is patient and kept working until I had significant improvement in my pain and ease of movement. Over the course of several months I was able to quit taking my pain medications and resume my activities. I am very grateful to Colleen and the kind staff at Appalachian Physical Therapy for tirelessly helping me to recover. They never gave up on me.

    Mary Jane Rohrer

  • This is the most wonderful place I have ever taken therapy.  The people treat you like family.  They gave me the best therapy I could have asked for on both my shoulder and hip.  When I first started, I could only walk with help but now I can walk on my own with no assistance.  Each therapist has the most up to date knowledge and I believe that this really aided in my strength and healing.  Annie was most caring and kind and has a wonderful personality.  With Annie’s creativity and knowledge I was able to begin performing tasks I thought I would never be able to do again.  From the front office, Connie, Robin and Vicki to the techs Dan and Lauren, to all the therapist this place is truly amazing!!

    Elaine Cuevas