Patient Testimonials

  • Constant encouragement, “Yes, you can!” Knowledgeable Physical Therapists! Set up a Home Program, which is very helpful in staying Physically fit! I appreciate their knowledge of “fascial manipulation”, being the ONLY facility to offer this innovative technique in the area!

    Betty D.

  • Following rotator cuff surgery and physical therapy, I can do most of my regular activities thanks to the diligent program and efforts of Dr. Mills.  His positive and supportive efforts have kept my spirits high and my determination to improve.  I loved the quiet atmosphere and great staff.  I highly recommend Appalachian!

    Mary Beth C.

  • Through the use of exercises that strengthen the targeted muscles, dry needling, and Fascial Manipulation I am able to get back to normal routines. Needling and Fascial Manipulation were two new techniques that I had never experienced or heard of. I admire that the staff continually studies and stays updated with techniques that will better serve their patients. Oh, and most importantly the Staff at Appalachian is the best!

    Debbie K.

  • I started therapy on December the 27, 2018 with symptoms of hip, knee, back, feet; pretty much my whole body. January 24, 2019, I feel like a new woman. I went back to work doing things that I wasn’t able to do like bending, walking, sitting. All the time Mother in law was going to Appalachian Physical Therapy as well so impressed on how well she felt and l decided to go. The end result is that it changed my life to where I look forward to everyday pain-free. Truly they are a blessing. Thank you Bill!”

    Joyce T.

  • Thanks to everyone for the most amazing PT. My therapist Jenny was wonderful. I’m so much better now than when I came here. Hopefully I won’t have to return anytime soon. Thanks again!

    Violet C.

  • I came into APT with knee surgery staring at me for a possible torn meniscus. My family doctor was smart enough to realize that I may only need therapy and was he ever right! Thru the therapy for fascia, more was wrong with me then I realized from years of abuse to my body. Within a couple of visits my knee was better, no surgery! And after several weeks, the rest of me was fixed too. Thank you so much for all you do to make people well again.

    Johnny R.

  • I was very pleased with Appalachian Physical Therapy during my four-week treatment plan. I felt like Colleen and her staff really focused on treating the whole person not just the body part. They provided strategies and exercises that can be done at home in order to make daily progress and their level of knowledge and communication about the therapy made this a positive experience.


  • Colleen Whiteford was wonderful-so attentive and thorough. My foot is functioning so much better and that foot was diagnosed as a club foot many decades ago when I was a child.

    Carol S.

  • I appreciate the excellent service of the personnel at Appalachian Physical therapy. The exercises have greatly increased my range of motion and with the home instructions and pictures, I will be able to continue exercises ay home until I can play golf and do other activities at full capacity.

    Linford G.

  • Excellent facility and everyone is friendly and helpful. Working with Adam was great. Leaving in very good shape thanks to his knowledge and professionalism. Will return after next surgery.

    Jack G.

  • I absolutely recommend the therapists and staff at Appalachian! I’ve been coming to Adam for numerous issues (2 knee replacements, trigger finger releases, and most recently rotator cuff injury). The relief from pain was constantly better each week and now I’m back to my normal activities.

    Sandra H.

  • The program is well designed and the staff does a great job.

    Steve L.

  • Caring, friendly and wonderful therapists and staff. Also the presence of the dogs is a real plus. I have recommended Appalachian to several people.

    Beverly G.

  • Therapists are very thorough and show respect and concern for patients.

    Betty M.

  • Great therapists and staff and all caring people.

    Allen F.

  • Their therapy works!

    John F.

  • Professional, effective treatment by Karen Backall.

    John V.