On the Road for More Continuing Education

I had the pleasure of attending Postural Restoration Institute®’s Impingement and Instability course on Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd. The speaker, James Anderson, MPT, PRC did a great job presenting examination techniques for identifying dysfunctional movement patterns throughout the body and the rationale behind why these patterns can result in impingement and/or instability in the hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders. Along with identifying movement abnormalities the course focused on strategies to help patients immediately manage and correct abnormal patterned movements to improve pain and their ability to participate in previously difficult activities.

One of the biggest and most important messages that came out of this weekend was the importance of proper footwear. Through both biomechanical discussions and in class demonstrations we were able to see the immediate impact good footwear can have on a treatment program and how quickly it can alter a patient’s pain and dysfunction. We also gained an appreciation for how quickly poor footwear can defeat a good exercise program and prolong a patient’s symptoms. As students we learned examination techniques that allow us as clinicians to quickly evaluate foot posture and function in order to determine which type of shoe is most appropriate for a patient. Additional rationale was provided to determine which patients may require prescription orthotics in order to further enhance their exercise program and ultimately relieve their pain.

The information taught in this class was immediately applicable to current patient cases and has already further improved patient care. If you are currently experiencing hip, ankle, knee, or shoulder pain this integrated treatment approach can be effective in providing relief. Additionally, a quick foot and ankle examination and footwear evaluation can determine whether your shoes are appropriate for your feet and if they may contributing to your pain. For more information on the characteristics of a good shoe, click here to access our footwear brochure. To schedule an evaluation with one of our therapists, please contact us at one of our locations.

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