Fibromyalgia “A Dead – End Diagnosis?”


Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis that most of us are familiar with, but do we know exactly what it is?  To answer this and many more questions, Appalachian Physical Therapy of Harrisonburg will be hosting a seminar titled “Fibromyalgia: A Dead – End Diagnosis?”  Annie Baker PT, MS and Colleen Whiteford PT, DPT will be discussing the background of this controversial diagnosis, its potential causes and what help is available.  They will also explain what role fascia plays in Fibromyalgia, treatments with alternative medicines, and options with Yoga, Pilates and other movement. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, January 22nd at Appalachian Physical Therapy in Harrisonburg from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. If you wish to join us, please contact either our Broadway office at (540) 901-9501 or our Harrisonburg office at (540) 209-8977 to reserve your seat.  We will also be offering free 15 minute screenings before and after the seminar for those who wish to speak with the therapist one on one. If you are interested in having a screening, please be sure to mention this when you call to reserve your seat. 

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